Welcome to the UnSemCode site

This website is presenting Universal Semantic Code (USC). USC is a formal semantic language for knowledge representation and inference. All articles here show how USC is growing and changing from version to version entering the Semantic Intelligence Era.

The chronology of the articles goes from the bottom to the top except the article "Foundations of Semantic Coding". The article is written by Prof. Victor V. Martynov the creator of USC and gives the most essential explanation of USC foundations.

Other articles demonstrate experiments with the USC theory. They repeat basic information but give different points of application and refine the USC theoretical basis. Some articles concern USC indirectly operating with notions of synonyms and other linguistic concepts.

The evolution of USC is on its way and any help in the development would be highly appreciated.

  Year    Authors    Name  Published
  2001    Victor V. Martynov    Foundations of Semantic Coding. Experience   of Knowledge Representation and   Transformation. (Summary)   European Humanity University, Minsk, 2001.
  2017    Igor Boyko    Semantic Coding for Semantic
  Knowledge Inference
  Open Semantic Technologies for   Intelligent Systems  Conference (OSTIS-2017), Minsk, Belarus, 2017.
  2016    Igor Boyko    Canonization of Natural Language
  by Means of Universal Semantic Coode
  International Congress on Computer Science:  Informational Systems and Technologies (CSIST  2016),  Minsk, Belarus, 2016.
  2016    Igor Boyko    Semantic Classification of Actions for
  Knowledge Inference
  Open Semantic Technologies for   Intelligent Systems  Conference (OSTIS-2016), Minsk, Belarus, 2016.
  2014    Steven Simske,
  Igor Boyko,
  Georgia Koutrika
  Multi-Engine Search and Language Translation   Proceedings of the EDBT/ICDT 2014 Joint
  Conference, Athens, Greece, 2014.
  Igor Boyko    Formal Semantics of Verbs for Knowledge
  Inference in Computational Semantics (ICoS-5)   Conference,Buxton, England, 2006.
  Igor Boyko    Computer Semantic Search of Inventive
  The TRIZ Journal, USA, 2001.
  2002    Igor Boyko    Terminological Abstractions for Terminology
  6th International Conference on Terminology and   Knowledge Engineering (TKE 2002), Nancy, France.
  2001    Victor V. Martynov,
  Igor Boyko
    Semantic Intellectual System Development   HP Laboratories Palo Alto, HPL-2001-219, 2001.
  1998  Elena Rudenko    'To Know' and 'To Understand': Mutual
  Relations and Ways of Motivation
  Hermeneutics In Russia. Issue 3, Volume 2
  1992  Victor V. Martynov,
  Igor Boyko,
  Alexander Guminsky
    Knowledge Bases Construction of Systems
  for Solving Intellectual Problems
  Controlling Systems and Machines. // Kiev, 1992,   N5/6.
  1983  Victor V. Martynov    USC-3: New Variant of a Language for   Representing Knowledge and Effecting   Calculations   Artificial Intelligence. IFAC Symposium,
  Oxford-New-York-Toronto-Sydney-Francfurt, 1983.